EuroSing 2018 – A Larp with much music (english version of my german post)

I think, I made the most absurd but also most professional larp experience the last weekend. I attended a convention with EuroVision Song contest as its theme. The whole thing began with an invocation of a friend, who wanted to attend. We found a team very quickly and decided to go for San Marino.

It was also quickly decided, who will play which role and so I played Natasha Ivanova, daughter of a russian oligarch. Funny at this point is that Nadja originally wanted to start for Russia in this contest, but Russia did find her too boring on stage.

Therefore, Nadja’s father decided to buy San Marino’s university a new wing and her a spot in San Marino’s team.

Around Nadja, there was a wonderful team: first there was Oleg Schrankowm Nadja’s bodyguard. He always kept an eye on Nadja and made sure, she’s fine. What nealry nobody knew: Oleg is Nadja’s brother. Donata Bälisch is a journalist working for the newspaper SCHILD and wrote a whole bunch of articles beforehand but also during the event. She was also responsible for the text of our song. Gigi D’Amore was the choreographer and did a fantastic job with us there. She made sure, the dancers and me made a good impression on the stage. The dancers were Nina Glitz and Stiffen Wilden. Nina originally was meant to start for San Marino, but „lost“ in the competition against Nadja. Stiffen danced a lot in the past but due to an accident, his leg became stiff and therefore he was a tragic character in our group. Paolo was the stylist of our team and did an amazing job fitting the dancers and me. He sew the whole saturday and made shorts and tops for the dancers and a dress for me. Titano was the cultural attaché of our team and played the political part. He was responsible for getting 12 points from the Netherlands for San Marino, while Donata and Oleg „sold“ Nadja to the prime minister for an arranged marriage.

During the event Nadja became a stage hog from being a wallflower first. But this hadn’t been possible without this fantastic team. Everything fit so well together!

The performances at the event were all amazing and it was wonderful to see the whole crowd cheering for every single act. It was a fantastic feeling being on stage,  being cheered at from the whole audience and sseing the audience as fun as well!!

Our team made a splendid 6th place , indeed we were honoured by our hosts to be the winner of the best theme implementation. The theme was „heroes“ and the task was to display this in the text as well as with a prop on stage. And here Ben was very helpful.

Our song was about a childhood hero saving us from monsters and nightmares: „My teddy is my hero…“ Coincidental accordances with the word ‚daddy‘ were totally intended. Ben, my teddy, who accompanies me nearly everywhere, served as a super hero. It was his first appearance on stage and he did it very well!!


I’m still deeply affected by all the impressions and I took something very essential from this for myself: I enjoy it very much being on stage partying and having fun. And when the audince has fun as well, I definitively reached my designated target. I think, I should do this much more 🙂

One thought on “EuroSing 2018 – A Larp with much music (english version of my german post)

  1. Annet sagt:

    Although I only joined the event for the Final Show, I was most impressed by all the performances and showbizz glitter! Thank you for making it a wonderful night!

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